Teo González, Contemporary Dealers' Shows

Adrian Dannatt

That great English watercolourist Alexander Cozens devised a unique “blot” method of working, adopted by him so obsessively that he became jokingly known by the nickname of “Blotmaster to the Town”.  Likewise Teo González is without a doubt “Blobmaster to the Town of New York” as his first solo show in this city, at 123 Warrs (until 22 June), provides evidence of his truly committed dedication to a single technique.  The title alone, “106,585 Drops”, suggests some of the full range of his concerns, three 6 ft x 6ft recent paintings (left, detail of “Untitled #211”, 2002) and works on paper all consisting of tight pencil grids hit by individual dots of black enamel paint.  The end result has both mathematical logic and Op-sessive dazzle, almost sensual, almost comic, despite the rigour and severity of execution.  Such simultaneously meticulous and manic micro-work is the specialty of 123 Watts, which as a result can proudly boast of being the only commercial gallery in Manhattan with an actual “aesthetic”, consistent from show to show, no small achievement in our pluralistic, post-modern culture.