Fay Ku at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery, Four Artists: Work by Recent Pratt Alumni

Monique Ford

Fay Ku’s impressive images stole the show at the Pratt Manhattan Gallery.  Fay was one of the artists selected by curator Eugenie Tsai.  Eugenie Tsai is the director of curatorial affairs at P.S.1.  Fay Ku’s work has really developed over the years.  Fay is a Brooklyn based artist, who works primarily with works on paper.  Her level of draftsmanship has become more grounded and refined.  Her figurative illustrations are uniquely crafted and hold integrity and individual character from figure to figure.  Her gestures and expressions have a magical aliveness creating an illusive effect.  Fay’s images have transcended from being dramatic to illusive.
    Formally, her work speaks in a dialogue of line, color, pattern and elements of texture.  Within the three drawings in the show, Fay creates a heightened tension within the figure and the formal space along with the narrative content.  Psychological ideas of power, anxiety, control, within the role of women in relationships and family are brought to the surface.  “Four Artists: Works by Recent Pratt Alumni” will be up again for viewing September 4 – 15th, 2007.
    Fay has had solo exhibitions at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut, Metaphor Contemporary Art in Brooklyn, and A.I.R. Gallery in Manhattan.  She has also been involved in an impressive amount of group exhibitions in the New York area, which brings me to a very interesting topic at hand.  Young female emerging artists are showing like crazy in the metropolitan area.  Women are really hustling like you have never seen, and working very independently.  But the question is where are the reviews?  Is it that they are working too independently from one another creating isolation from the community around them?  Ever since I have been in New York and around art schools, I have seen male artists formulate their packs, where they all share similar ideologies whatever or however insignificant they may be.  In the end, this pushes them in one way or another to receive more publicity, more connections having less to do with the work and more to do with whose ass their kissing…Many people might argue and insist that women are receiving more attention from male curators and art directors.  I argue and insist that women are the more professional ones in the long run, receiving less attention on paper.