Tanabe Kochikusai Bio/CV


T a n a b e K o c h i k u s a i | CV

b. 1935, Oita, Japan


E d u c a t i o n

1952, Apprenticed to Shono Shounsai


E x i h i b i t i o n s + A c c o l a d e s

1965, Admitted to 1st Beppu New Art Exhibition

1967, Admittedto 3rd Beppu New Art Exhibition

1968, Received the Special Choice Award at 4th Beppu New Art Exhibition

1969, Received the Special Choice Award at 5th Beppu New Art Exhibition

1970, Became an instructor for Beppu Arts and Craft Institute

1973, Admitted to 20th Traditional Craft Arts Exhibition for the first time

1975, Admitted to 22nd Traditional Craft Arts Exhibition

1979, Admitted to 1st Traditional Craft Arts: Wood and Bamboo Exhibition

2010, Art Miami

2012, Legacy of Inspiration: Shono Shounsai and His Students, TAI Gallery, Santa Fe

2013, Oita’s Art Movement, in partnership withthe Oita Prefectural Government, a museum-quality show,TAI Gallery, Santa Fe

2014, Group show, Japanese American Cultural Community Center, Los Angeles

2017, Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art, TAI Modern at Joan B Mirviss LTD, New York, NY