Hirasawa Noboru Bio/CV

In 1985 he learned that Yagisawa Tadashi was holding bamboo basket making workshops. He participated in these workshops, and later became a student of the well known Yagisawa family. He eventually became a part time instructor of the Yagisawa family classes while also teaching industrial design at the local school.

Hirasawa has actively exhibited his bamboo art in public exhibitions both locally and nationally. Hirasawa has won many prizes including the Governor’s Prize at the 10th National Art Festival in 1995. He became a full member of the prestigious Japan Traditional Craft Arts Association in 2004 after successfully admitting pieces to their annual competition four times. In 2006, he retired from his teaching position and had his first solo show to begin his career as a professional artist.

H i r a s a w a N o b o r u | C V

b. 1945, Tochigi, Japan

E d u c a t i o n

1985, Apprenticed to Yagisawa Masao

E x h i b i t i o n s + A c c o l a d e s

1989, Admitted to Utsunomiya Citizen Art Festival for the first time

1993, Received the Second Prize at Utsunomiya Citizen Art Festival

1994, Winner of Utsunomiya Citizen Art Festival Award

1994, Received the Second Prize at Tochigi Art Festival

1995, Received Tochigi Mayor Award at Utsunomiya City Art Festival 10th National Cultural Festival

1996, Admitted to Tanko Tea Ceremony Art Public Exhibition

1998, Received an Award at Tochigi Art Festival

1999, Admitted to Traditional Craft Arts for the first time,received Encouragement Award (thereafter admitted 6 times)

1999, Admitted to Japan Traditional Craft Arts Exhibition for the first time (thereafter admitted 4 times)

2000, Admitted to Japan Traditional Craft Arts: Wood and Bamboo Exhibition (thereafter admitted 2 times)

2001, Became an executive committee member of Tochigi Art Festival

2003, Become a special committee member of Tochigi Art Festival

2003, Exhibited at the Second Utsunomiya Contemporary Art Exhibition

2004, Became a full member of Japan Traditional Craft Art Exhibition

2005, Became the chairperson of Tochigi Cultural Association

2006, First Solo Exhibition One Step, Utsunomiya

2007, Exhibited at 3rd Utsunomiya Contemporary Art Exhibition

2008, SOFA New York

2008, The International Asian Art Fair, New York City

2009, SOFA New York

2009, SOFA West: Santa Fe, New Mexico

2010, Int’l. Fine Art and Antique Dealers Show, New York City

2011, SOFA New York

2011, Art Antiques London

2011, SOFA West: Santa Fe, New Mexico

2011, Int’l. Fine Art & Antique Dealers Show, New York City

2011, SOFA Chicago

2017, Masterpieces of Japanese Bamboo Art, TAI Modern at Joan B Mirviss LTD, New York, NY