TAI Modern at Asia Week New York

Realization of Form: Masterworks of Japanese Bamboo Art

March 15–24, 2018

Jason Jacques Gallery
29 East 73rd St, Apt. 1
New York 10021

Friday, March 16, 6–9pm

Saturday–Sunday, March 17–18, 11am–5pm

Daily 10am–6pm
And By Appointment

During New York Asia Week, TAI Modern presents historic and contemporary Japanese bamboo artworks. “Bamboo art is a material-specific art,” the Director of Japanese Art Koichi Okada explains. “This exhibition explores the relationship between artists and their chosen medium. Monozukuri is a term often used by Japanese artists. It can be described as ‘the process of creating an object in harmony with the medium through pride of craftsmanship.’”

Asia Week is a collaboration of top-tier art dealers and galleries, major auction houses, world-renowned museums, and cultural institutions to celebrate and promote Asian art in New York City. This annual event attracts collectors and curators from around the world.

TAI Modern has been the premier gallery for contemporary Japanese bamboo art in the United States for over 20 years, and currently represents over 35 artists in this remarkable medium.

TAI Modern at Asia Week New York